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- 5€ (or 5CHF) offered by registrating: To thank you for your visit, by registering on the newsletter, we offer you 5CashDates, or 5€/CHF, in the form of discount code (that you will receive by e-mail) valid for 1 month after your registration.
- CashDates offered on every purchase: To reward you for your loyalty, we offer you 1CashDate(or 1€/CHF) by 10€/CHF slice of purchase. Example: if you buy a 25€/CHF product, you will be credited of 2CashDates (to use for your next purchases), 38€/CHF of purchase = 3CashDates, 60€/CHF of purchase = 6CashDates...
- Sponsoring: 5€/CHF offered if you sponsor a godchild who buys on the website: From your registration, invite your friends to join us on the website. If one of them buys a product, you win 5CashDates, to use for your next purchases on the La Bonne Date's website.

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